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10 ASX Companies That Performed On Top Today



10 ASX Companies That Performed On Top Today - 28 Apr 2020

As Australia eases its restrictions by opening up beaches in Sydney and allowing up to two adults to visit per home in New South Wales.

The COVID-19 spread has slowed significantly to less than 1 percent per day compared to 25 per cent a month ago across the country.

South Australia is on a sixth-day clean streak with no newly reported cases related the coronavirus.

The stats currently stand at 6,723 infections with 84 lives being taken due to the virus.

Schools remain opened till this day while borders remain shut for the next three months at least.

The S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.16 percent, or 8.34 to 5,313.10. The MSCI AC Asia Pacific Index advanced 2 percent.

ASX futures are up 0.1 percent despite big drops in Brent Crude (-8.8%) and US Oil (-24.2%).

The Australia dollar weakened to USD 64.40c ahead of CPI data being announcement tomorrow.

The CBA remains positive for a forecasted 0.2 percent in the first quarter 2020 or 2 percent annualized.

Key Metrics
Energy stocks led the market lower, as 5 of 8 sectors fell; 83 shares fell, while 108 rose

McMillan Shakespeare contributed the most to the index decline and had the largest move, decreasing 6.18 percent

oOh!media provided the biggest boost to the index and had the largest gain, advancing 10.4 percent

Top 10 Performing ASX Companies Today

LiveHire (ASX:LVH) has won its latest Direct Sourcing contract in North America (USA and Canada). The contract value is estimate to at AUD 400,000 annual revenue. Currently LiveHire only has Morgans covering them on research.

Aeon Metals (ASX:AML) rose 22 percent, the most in almost 19 weeks while the country’s benchmark index declined. Trading volume was double the average for this time of day. In the past year, the stock had a similar or greater gain two times at the close; it advanced in the next trading session once (31 percent).

Resonance Health (ASX:RHT) released their quarterly showing cash on hand of AUD 6.86M and total revenue for the March quarter of AUD 1.165M (unaudited). The company currently does not have any broker covering them on research. Trading volume was more than quadruple the 20-day average.

Atomo Diagnostics (ASX:AT1) rose 15.91% and the Stock advanced 155 percent since its listing. Of shares that were traded, 39 percent were at the ask price and 30 percent were at the bid.

BetMakers Technology Group (ASX:BET) rose 14.89% based on the announcement on the 27th of April 2020. The company announced to be entering into a deal with Rob Waterhouse to enter the online wagering market. BetMakers will be providing the technology and services under this new agreement.

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