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CardieX (ASX:CDX) – Craig Cooper



The CEO Mindset - Craig Cooper is Chief Executive Officer of CardieX (ASX:CDX)

Craig Cooper is Chief Executive Officer of CardieX (ASX:CDX), an ASX listed public company with operations in medical technologies, wearable devices, and telehealth solutions. We provide digital and device-based solutions for large-scale population health disorders with significant market scale. Our fundamental mission is to develop a significant and valuable healthcare ecosystem of complementary and strategic products and services in order to provide smarter tools to help identify, diagnose, and treat patients with confidence.

What’s your journey in becoming a CEO?
I’ve founded or co-founded multiple companies in the past in different sectors, most notably in energy (NRG Asia), and telecommunications (Boost Mobile USA). I’ve also been an active investor in the digital media and health-tech space through my venture capital funds which have raised over a billion US dollars. My path is a culmination of both my operating and investment experience over the last 25 years. Through my venture investments I’ve also been lucky to have an inside view of hundreds of companies (and their CEOs) and the tools and processes that have led those companies to success (or failure) and it’s that experience that underlies my own executive and management style.

In today’s world everything moves so fast so there’s no real time for “a journey in becoming a CEO”. Most CEOs in tech, for example, are the original founders, and for most of them it’s their first company at an age that 30 years ago you’d never consider appropriate for a CEO of a multibillion-dollar company. Steve Jobs was 21 when he founded Apple. Bill Gates was 16 when he founded Microsoft. Mark Zuckerberg was 19 when he started Facebook. There is no learning curve in today’s world – you sink or swim.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you are commercializing?
We make devices and solutions for diagnosing and managing the #1 killer in the world today – cardiovascular disease. Our “XCEL”, a unique device that measures central blood pressure is the only FDA cleared device for measuring arterial stiffness and inflammation non-invasively in adults. Our technology is also the world leader in measuring central blood pressure waveforms which, in layman’s terms, allows physicians to get a complete picture of the state of a patient’s arterial health.

Our traditional focus has been on sales to pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, and specialist clinicians such as Nephrologists and Cardiologists. Our future product strategy however, is focused on taking our technology into large scale consumer markets through home and clinician devices, wearables and smart watches, and software solutions that allow clinicians to better manage their patients’ health.

Our solutions are particularly relevant in the current market given that COVID-19 is being seen more and more as a cardiovascular disease rooted in arterial inflammation. Providing consumers and clinicians with better ways to detect the COVID-19 disease is a core focus of our product development efforts.

How are you managing with the current COVID-19 pandemic on both business and personal front?
When COVID-19 hit we saw some initial slowdown with some of our process and manufacturing partnerships which was to be expected – but it’s now back to “business as usual” for us. We’re lucky that, being a tech firm, we can all operate remotely at full capacity and, in fact, my team seems to be working harder and more efficiently than ever before in this virtual environment. I’ve set up my company office as a kind of Zoom command center with lighting and proper cameras as well as other features to enable better inter-company communications. I’m on video calls a lot with investors and other stakeholders so it’s important to look professional. I told my team from the start, “this is not a holiday so don’t turn up on Zoom in your pyjamas!”. Although it’s hard to think that I won’t have my team around a table in person for the foreseeable future, it is what it is. The top priority for us is to keep everyone healthy so we can all get back to some level of normalcy ASAP.

For me personally, it’s definitely been tough. Everyone is struggling in their own way (well, except maybe for the founders of Netflix, Amazon, and Zoom!). I live in Orange County, California which is currently experiencing some of the highest infection and death rates in the USA. I’m also physically separated from my daughters who live in Australia so that hasn’t been easy. I stay sane by focusing on my exercise, nutrition, and maintaining my social connections as best as I can.

What’s the most exciting thing about running your business?
The thing that gets me jumping out of bed every morning is the knowledge that we are making a massive positive impact on global health with our technology and solutions. We’re disrupting an industry that hasn’t seen any real innovation in over a hundred years and showing that there’s a better way to identify, diagnose, treat, and manage the #1 killer of humans. There couldn’t be a better mission than that.

How do you measure success?
Am I making a positive impact on humanity? It’s that simple to me.

What do you think is the most important quality of being a CEO of a listed company?
You need to be a ringmaster of multiple stakeholders. Not only do you have to run a business, which is hard enough in itself; you also need to run an entirely separate business of managing the public capital markets. When you’re private (unlisted) you’re free to build a business without the glare and oversight of your shareholders on a daily basis, which is not a luxury you have as a public company. The goal of so many companies in Australia is to list on the ASX but I would question whether 80% of them should even be there – especially if you’re a small-cap growth technology company. Companies in our sector, for example, are valued at 10-20x in the private sector in the USA with similar revenues and comparable market opportunities. I’m biased of course but I think we are the most undervalued company on the ASX today.

What is your favorite book?
I’m a voracious reader and always have a backlog of books sitting on my Kindle. At the moment I’m obsessed with The Atlantis Gene trilogy which I’m just finishing up. It’s a multi-layered time traveling exploration of the origin of humanity – set against the backdrop of a fight to control the universe and create a single species – and it spans millions of years of evolution across multiple galaxies. It’s not easy reading but it covers so many themes that I’m passionately interested in, particularly the origin of species and bio-genesis. It’s also relevant at the moment because the story on Earth revolves around a global plague that is pitting different political factions against each-other.

What message do you want to send to our readership in Asia?
We’re actively looking for partnerships and collaboration opportunities in Asia. We have a corporate office and team in Shanghai that curates our licensing and other partnerships in that country and we’re actively looking to expand those partnerships beyond the Chinese market. We currently have a (yet to be announced) manufacturing partnership in China, as well as our Joint Venture with Mobvoi, Google’s in-country partner in China for the Wear OS operating system. The Oscar 2 (24-hour blood pressure monitor with our SphygmoCor technology inside) is sold in China (NMPA approved) and we’re looking for distribution partnerships for our new range of blood pressure wearables and home devices which will be FDA and NMPA cleared in 2021.

We are also looking for strategic partnerships that share our vision of reducing the impact of cardiovascular and arterial disease and lessening the rates of hypertension related disorders.

How can people connect with you?
IR Email:

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CEO Craig Cooper on one of his laboratories visit

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$5M cap raise gives MYQ a further boost in trillion dollar health tech market



$5M cap raise gives MYQ a further boost in trillion dollar health tech market

There has been a strong investor focus this year on companies that provide stay-at-home type services such as Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) – its shares have increased from about US$1600 to a high of US$3550 in the last 12 months with the majority of those gains occurring since the emergence of COVID-19.

Looking more broadly at the technology sector, it has outperformed the market over the past 12 months, providing investors with a total return of 56%. Compare this to the S&P 500’s total return of 22.5% over the same period and you get a sense of how this sector has boomed in the face of the pandemic.

Australia measures its tech stock performance through the S&P/ASX All Technology Index, which was launched on 24 February this year.

This index, which features 58 of Australia’s leading and emerging technology companies, has followed a similar trajectory to the NASDAQ adding $33 billion in value in three months.

One reason is the accelerated uptake of technology and online activities, such as healthcare services.

This includes the uptake of health tech services such as those offered by the $156M capped MyFiziq (ASX: MYQ), which has started the process of a NASDAQ listing.

MyFiziq has developed and patented a proprietary dimensioning technology that enables its users to check, track, and assess their dimensions using only a smartphone privately and accurately.

MYQ last week appointed Ladenburg Thalmann & Co. Inc. to facilitate the listing which would open up a huge market segment to this health tech provider.

As a member of the New York Stock Exchange for more than 135 years, Ladenburg’s breadth of experience across financing and capital markets will be invaluable to MyFiziq as it goes through a period of rapid expansion.

With MyFiziq’s business involving corporate transactions with a multitude of players in the health and wellness sector and significant investment required for research and development purposes, the proposed NASDAQ listing couldn’t have come at a better time.

Access to capital markets that are very much attuned to the tech and biotech industries is a distinct advantage, highlighted by the fact that many merger and acquisition transactions that have occurred among MyFiziq’s peers in the last 12 months have been NASDAQ-listed entities.

The biggest health tech M&A in recent times has been Teledoc’s $18.5BN acquisition of Livongo that will create a leader in consumer-centred virtual health care.

To assist the listing as well as further roll out of the MYFiziq app is the completion of a $5 million placement to sophisticated and institutional investors. The placement was priced at $1.20 and included 1:1 free options for placement participants at a strike price of $1.60 and a 3 year expiry date.

Commenting on this development, chief executive Vlado Bosanac said, “I am very pleased with the support we have received for the placement.

‘’We worked closely with Evolution Capital and the list of institutional and high net worth investors they brought to the table.

“The offer closed substantially oversubscribed, demonstrating significant investor interest in the company.

‘’With the current partner rollouts underway and MyFiziq starting to generate revenue, we are now in a position where the company is unlikely to need additional capital outside of any strategic investment opportunities currently being considered or the proposed NASDAQ listing.

‘’This new capital will assist the company in more rapid expansion of our team and the ability to assist our partners in expediting their go to market timelines.”

MyFiziq’s shares were trading at 28 cents two months ago, indicating that the strike price for the capital raising represents a 330% premium to its share price in August.

MyFiziq’s ability to complete a heavily oversubscribed capital raising at a premium price is an endorsement of both the company’s operational future and management’s ability to continue to successfully execute on its growth initiatives.

The raise was an astute move by management to remain on the front foot in positioning the group to engage in its own corporate initiatives, including the collaboration with players in adjacent industries, something that has been a hallmark of the group’s success in 2020.

Some of those collaborations include a potentially company-making deal with Nexus-Vita Singapore, a health monitoring and management technology company that will guarantee MYQ minimum annual revenue of US$3,5M (AU$4.99M) per annum, from the date of commercial launch of its app.

MYQ will work with Nexus to release the app in January 2021.

MYQ has hit several milestones, including an agreement with Bearn LLC targeting over 25 million users, commencing work with Biomorphik and signing its first Binding Term Sheet to expand the newly developed CompleteScan platform capabilities with Asia Pacific corporate wellness platform WellteQ into the $10 trillion global telehealth, corporate wellness and insurance market.

MYQ’s company’s current $150M market cap could prove to be just the beginning for the company – especially ahead of a NASDAQ listing and wider exposure to US investors.

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VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP) – Chen Wee Min



The CEO Mindset - Chen Wee Min is the Executive Director and Member of the Executive Committee (EXCO) of VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP)

Chen Wee Min is the Executive Director and Member of the Executive Committee (EXCO) of VIP Gloves (ASX:VIP), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VIP Gloves Limited which was established in 2016 to manufacture nitrile disposable gloves from its plant located in Selangor, Malaysia. Currently its products are sold to local and overseas distributors under original equipment manufacturer (OEM) basis.

What’s your journey in becoming a CEO?
I started-off my journey from simple beginnings hailing from the fringes of Kuala Lumpur. I had to prematurely end my education at Year 6 to take care of my family.

To help support the family, I became an apprentice tool maker and worked my way through rank and file to eventually becoming a metal stamping sub-contractor for Auto Parts Electrical appliances and steel related products.

Eventually, I decided to work with my brother in Keng Lek Engineering which was in the business of designing, fabrication and building of conveyor lines for rubber glove industries. After learning the tricks of trade, I decided to take the road less travelled and seized the opportunity to start KLE Products Sdn Bhd (KLE) with 2 other likeminded entrepreneurs.

As you would expect, it was ambitious and no easy feat to build KLE from the ground up. It was especially difficult in securing funding to scale up the business further among private investors.

As such, I quickly seized the opportunity in 2015 when it presented itself to inject KLE into ASX the listed-company, formally known as Voltage IP Limited, which enabled the company to grow into the position it is today.

Nevertheless, I can’t attribute the Company’s position today solely on my decisive actions alone as its been collective effort of my team to which I have been fortunate and blessed to be working with.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you are commercializing?
We started off with KLE which manufactured rubber dipping equipment for prominent Malaysian and International Glovemakers which include Top Glove, Hartalega, Ansell and so on.

As a natural progression thereafter, I made the bold decision to foray into the manufacturing of gloves in March 2016 as to seize the growth opportunity. We have since slowly tapered-off KLE business dealings and have concentrated our efforts into this glove manufacturing venture.  We presently have 4 glove lines (2 single-former lines & 2 double-former lines) in and we intend to rollout an additional 4 single-former lines progressively over the next 18 months which would enable us to achieve our next production output milestone of 1 bil pieces per annum.

How are you managing with the current COVID-19 pandemic on both business and personal front?
We are fortunate to be somewhat shielded during this current COVID-19 pandemic given gloves are essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) product during pandemics as seen in the past. In fact, the current glove market demand is currently on an exponential upswing given the global supply shortages being plagued by industry.

On the financial front, we are well positioned to ride this upswing as our sales are buoyant and the sale and leaseback (land & building) will further strengthen to our cash position.

On the personal front, it has been especially psychologically difficult navigating the business during the course of this pandemic especially during the imposition of the Movement Control Order in Malaysia whereby there were times I had to remotely managed the operations given it categorised as ‘essential services’ sector.

What’s the most exciting thing about running your business?
I would say the most exciting thing would be the managing of the daily challenges in my business. I yearn for these challenges and I take them head on with positivity.

How do you measure success?
I am strong believer that any business no matter the scale is underpinned by the people who work under it. Hence, my employees’ satisfaction is my ultimate measure of success.

What do you think is the most important quality of being a CEO of a listed company?
Being a good listener and as such to resolve problems if its within my means.

What is your pastime?
I like spending my pastime with my love ones.

What message do you want to send to our readership in Asia & Australia?
I would like to make a clear distinction here for our investors and soon to be investors that gloves usage is expected to remain prevalent post Covid-19. Given the unprecedented times we are in, I believe glove usage will be become a daily part of our lives moving forward and its uptake in usage will traverse across all industries given its an essential PPE and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety).

This trend is expected to remain even after the vaccine is out as the need for workers to work in a safe environment will remain prevalent. The best example of this is the beverage and hospitality industries where the increased use of gloves has been noticeable.  Another public place where the use of gloves has been more visible is in airports.

OHS will become as important to industry profit margins as carbon emissions.  Commerce now works in a global cycle.  What is good or bad for one will be an issue for all participants of global industries.

I also would like to take this opportunity to extend my upmost appreciation and thankfulness to all our customers, shareholders and not forgetting employees who have stuck through with us throughout journey.

How can people connect with you?
Company Website:

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Q&A With StockPal – Dimerix (ASX:DXB)



Q&A with StockPal - Dr. Nina Webster, CEO and MD of Dimerix (ASX:DXB)

Watch Dr. Nina Webster, CEO and MD of Dimerix (ASX:DXB) and Jared Sim, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of StockPal in this engaging Q&A with the following questions:

0:10 – What is your business about?
0:47 – How did your company cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?
1:19 – What is your current development focus?
2:10 – What is the size of your potential target markets?
3:33 – What is your firm’s competitive advantage?
4:16 – How are you currently engaging with your investors?

Visit Dimerix’s website to learn more about their story:

Email if you are or represent a listed-company and is keen to be in our interviews.

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