Q&A With StockPal – Alice Queen (ASX:AQX)



Q&A with StockPal - Andy Buxton, Managing Director of Alice Queen (ASX:AQX)

Watch Andy Buxton, Managing Director of Alice Queen (ASX:AQX) and Jared Sim, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of StockPal in this engaging Q&A with the following questions:

0:00 – StockPal Introductions
0:12 – What is your business about?
0:42 – How did your company cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?
1:55 – What projects are you currently working on?
3:42 – When do you see the company moving into the discovery phase and development?
5:08 – What is your firm’s competitive advantage?
6:44 – How are you currently engaging with your investors?

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