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Noram Ventures (TSX-V:NRM)- Tucker Barrie



The CEO Mindset - C. Tucker Barrie, Ph.D., P. Geo. is the President and CEO of Noram Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:NRM)

C. Tucker Barrie, Ph.D., P. Geo. is the President and CEO of Noram Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:NRM), a Canadian based junior exploration company, with a goal of becoming a force in the Green Energy Revolution through the development of lithium deposit and becoming a low – cost supplier for the burgeoning lithium battery industry.

What’s your journey in becoming a CEO?
My background is as a research-oriented consulting geologist for the metallic minerals exploration and mining industry. Early in my career, I gained exposure to the industry through collaborative research projects on large copper-zinc deposits and districts around the world, with sponsorship from major mining companies and governments and universities. It was a successful endeavor, producing many articles on the genesis of mineral deposits, and providing a lot of interaction with senior mining executives and geologists that has served me well ever since.

More recently I have been an executive for companies in the junior mining sector, with projects in Madagascar, Haiti, Canada, Argentina and now in the USA.  The projects have been on the exploration and development of copper, zinc and gold deposits, and now on a large lithium claystone project in Nevada, one of the premier locations for developing a mine in the world.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you are commercializing?
Noram Ventures Inc. ( is developing a large lithium claystone deposit in Clayton Valley, Nevada, adjacent to North America’s only lithium producer, a brine operation at Silver Peak, owned and operated by Albermarle Corp.  At present we have a large lithium resource at 1100 ppm Li content, at surface with essentially no strip ratio, of ~1.2 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent.  The current price for lithium carbonate (99.5% purity) is $7000/tonne, so it is clear to see this is a very valuable resource.  We aim to increase the grade and tonnage with another drill program and commence testing extraction techniques for a Preliminary Economic Assessment report in the coming 18 months.

How are you managing with the current COVID-19 pandemic on both business and personal front?
Our company headquarters in Vancouver is on a skeleton staff in the downtown office, and we are mostly working from home offices as we move the project forward.   The situation hasn’t affected our day to day operations very much as a lot of the work is arranging contracts over the phone or by email for field operations and for chemical engineering studies.

What’s the most exciting thing about running your business?
The global lithium supply and demand is an unbalanced market at the moment, and it is exciting to work within such a dynamic environment.  On the demand side, it is clear there will be a tenfold increase for lithium ion batteries for the electric vehicle (EV) market in the next twenty years as every major auto producer, led by Tesla, is ramping up EV production.  A third of all new vehicle purchases in the UK, for example are EV.  And lithium ion battery mega- and Gigafactories are operating at capacity and expanding.    But there are supply chain issues, and at times there isn’t transparency in supply-demand as China dominates EV and battery production at the moment.

On the supply side, in part because of lower lithium prices at the moment but also because of other factors, most all major expansion projects for lithium brines and pegmatites (hard rock lithium resources) are delayed.  Much of the global supply comes from Argentina and Chile, and there are strong government and social issues surrounding the use of precious groundwater there.  The two largest lithium pegmatite mines are either not producing (e.g., Whabouchi mine, Quebec – Nemaska) or have curtailed expansion (Greenbushes mine, Australia – Tianqui financial troubles). 

So given these supply and demand issues, we expect to see a rise in price for lithium soon, and we expect this will last for a long time as EV production continues to expand exponentially.

How do you measure success?
We want to follow through with defining a larger, higher grade resource with further drilling, and we aim to improve on the processing options that are currently being tested by other lithium claystone deposit owners in Nevada.  By doing these, we will increase shareholder value for Noram Ventures (TSX-V: NRM).

What do you think is the most important quality of being a CEO of a listed company?
Perseverance.  You have to believe in what you are doing, and stick to it in good times and in difficult times.

What is your favourite book?
Right now, I have Sapiens by Hariri, Forty Stories by Chekov and Uncle Dynamite by Wodehouse on my bedstand.

What message do you want to send to our readership in Asia?
Noram Ventures Inc. has a large, expanding and potentially mineable lithium deposit in Nevada, only a 4 hour drive away from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada to the north.  We are undervalued in comparison to our peers.  We have the knowledge and capacity to develop this deposit into a major source of lithium carbonate for the lithium ion battery industry in North America.  The American government has declared lithium a strategic metal that should be given preferred treatment to encourage developing a vertically-integrated industry in the USA.  Nevada is often ranked as the global #1 jurisdiction for mine development.

At Noram, we are proud to be part of the Green Energy Revolution to lower carbon emissions by advancing this lithium deposit toward production, to produce a product that supplies the growing North American and global electric vehicle market.

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Q&A With StockPal – VRX Silica (ASX:VRX)



Q&A with StockPal - Bruce Maluish, Managing Director of VRX Silica (ASX:VRX)


Watch Bruce Maluish, Managing Director of VRX Silica (ASX:VRX) and Jared Sim, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of StockPal in this engaging Q&A with the following questions:

0:11 – What is your business about and why did VRX pivot to silica sand in 2017?

1:04 – How did your company cope with the COVID-19 pandemic and could you elaborate on the advancements made in the September Quarter?

2:12 – What projects are you currently working on and how do you see the silica sand market outlook to be steering VRX Silica’s business in the near future?

3:40 – What is your target timeline for commercialisation and where does its Boyatup Silica Sand Project currently stand?

4:42 – What is your firm’s competitive advantage in the silica sand market over other names in the space?

6:14 – Do you think a silica sand sector is developing in Australia and could you please shed some light on the company’s financial footing?

7:42 – How are you currently engaging with your investors and could you touch upon the company’s future plans?

Visit VRX’s website to learn more about their story:

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Red Mountain to start gold drilling as it looks to acquire rare earths project



Red Mountain to start gold drilling as it looks to acquire rare earths project

After completing the required heritage clearance survey, and securing a reverse circulation (RC) drill rig for its maiden drill programme at its Mt Maitland high-grade gold project in Western Australia, Red Mountain Mining Limited (ASX: RMX) is set to start drilling.

The drilling program is planned for 18 holes for approximately 1300 metres and is scheduled to commence in the first week of November.

Historical mining delivered an average production grade of 19 g/t gold and the company expects there could be early stage share price catalysts on the horizon should the program go well.

RMX’s project is in close proximity to the $1.1 billion Westgold Resources Fortunum Gold Mine and its Bluebird Gold Mine to the south. It is also near the $800.3M capped Sandfire’s Monty Gold Mine and its Degrussa Copper Gold Mine.

RMX acquired the Mt Maitland project, which lies within the prolific Murchison Goldfields in July this year and is encouraged by a significant gold nugget found while prospecting within the Mt Maitland tenure.

The nugget points to the potential high-grade nature of the mineralisation at the Mt Maitland Project.

The Mt Maitland Project came with multiple drill-ready targets and historic production which averaged 19g/t Au.

Outstanding results from historic exploration at Mt Maitland include:

  • gold-in-soils: peak 2,724 ppb, anomalies over 13 kilometres of strike
  • rock chips: up to 62g/t Au, 8.8% Cu and 290g/t Ag channel sampling: 2.50m @ 22.7 g/t Au and 0.75m @ 61.8 g/t Au
  • Drill results include 13m @ 2.53 g/t from 9m, 2m @ 1.53 g/t from 13m

During the heritage survey, additional geological mapping was conducted which has assisted RMX to vector this maiden drill program.

Rare earth pick up

RMX is also in the throes of acquiring a new rare earths/nickel-cobalt project.

The company reached agreement with ARD Group (ARD), the vendors of the Mt Mansbridge heavy rare earths project, to favourably restructure the transaction that was voted down by shareholders in March 2020.

The Mt Mansbridge Project consists of three West Australian tenements containing targets prospective for HREE and nickel-cobalt.

Located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia, the project area is approximately 130 kilometres south-east of the township of Halls Creek and consists of three contiguous granted exploration licenses E80/5111, E80/5229 and E80/5413 which combined cover a total area of 280 square kilometres.

As indicated below, the tenements lie approximately 40 kilometres from Northern Minerals’ (ASX:NTU) flagship Browns Range project.

Shares in Northern Minerals have doubled in the last four months.

The project area has been subject to exploration activities since the 1970s, primarily for uranium, gold and diamonds which were all unsuccessful.

The presence of the REE mineral xenotime in the Killi Killi Prospect has been overlooked and RMX now see the opportunity to capitalise on this and determine whether there is an economically viable concentration of REEs.

As part of funding the exploration program at Mt Mansbridge, Red Mountain has received firm commitments to raise $360,000 (before costs) via a share placement to professional and sophisticated investors.

The Placement will be undertaken at 1.2 cents per share and is subject to shareholder approval.

The company is also encouraged by recent activity in the rare earths sector.

The $1.5 billion takeover bid for Lynas Corporation by Wesfarmers Limited (ASX: WES) and the recent speculation that China may restrict further material to the US has once again seen a surge in Rare Earth prices and renewed market interest and investor sentiment back to the sector.

With China currently responsible for more than 80% of global supply of rare earths, there are supply chain concerns as Beijing could use its dominant position as a rare earths exporter to the US as leverage in the trade dispute with the sector being the next front in the trade war.

This has resulted in a strong global interest in the identification and development of non-Chinese sources of rare earths to reduce the dependence on supply from China.

The future supply of heavy rare earths is critical in the development of high-tech applications and high-performance magnets used in electric vehicles and wind turbines.

The crackdown by Chinese authorities on the mining of ionic clay deposits in Southern China for environmental reasons, the lack of substitutes along with very few significant sources of heavy rare earths outside of China, has resulted in a favourable outlook for the commodities.

Other projects

Red Mountain has a number of other projects at various stages.

A preliminary groundwork exploration programme has been designed for prospective regions within the granted Koonenberry tenement EL8997, with land access agreements currently in the process of being finalised.

The Koonenberry Gold Project covers approximately 660 square kilometres, and is located in a geologic setting considered analogous to the prolific Victorian Goldfields located in south-eastern Australia.

The Koonenberry Gold Project adjoins Manhattan Corporation’s (ASX:MHC) Tibooburra Gold Project where Manhattan announced a new high-grade gold discovery in June.

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Q&A With StockPal – NewPeak Metals (ASX:NPM)



Q&A with StockPal - David Mason, Managing Director of NewPeak Metals (ASX:NPM)

Watch David Mason, Managing Director of NewPeak Metals (ASX:NPM), formerly known as Dark Horse Resources (ASX:DHR), and Jared Sim, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of StockPal in this engaging Q&A with the following questions:

0:12 – What is your business about?
1:23 – How did your company cope with the COVID-19 pandemic?
2:40 – What projects are you currently working on?
4:55 – What is your target timeline for commercialisation?
6:10 – What is your firm’s competitive advantage?
8:24 – How are you currently engaging with your investors?

Visit NewPeak’s website to learn more about their story:

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