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Noram Ventures (TSX-V:NRM)- Tucker Barrie



The CEO Mindset - C. Tucker Barrie, Ph.D., P. Geo. is the President and CEO of Noram Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:NRM)

C. Tucker Barrie, Ph.D., P. Geo. is the President and CEO of Noram Ventures Inc. (TSX-V:NRM), a Canadian based junior exploration company, with a goal of becoming a force in the Green Energy Revolution through the development of lithium deposit and becoming a low – cost supplier for the burgeoning lithium battery industry.

What’s your journey in becoming a CEO?
My background is as a research-oriented consulting geologist for the metallic minerals exploration and mining industry. Early in my career, I gained exposure to the industry through collaborative research projects on large copper-zinc deposits and districts around the world, with sponsorship from major mining companies and governments and universities. It was a successful endeavor, producing many articles on the genesis of mineral deposits, and providing a lot of interaction with senior mining executives and geologists that has served me well ever since.

More recently I have been an executive for companies in the junior mining sector, with projects in Madagascar, Haiti, Canada, Argentina and now in the USA.  The projects have been on the exploration and development of copper, zinc and gold deposits, and now on a large lithium claystone project in Nevada, one of the premier locations for developing a mine in the world.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you are commercializing?
Noram Ventures Inc. ( is developing a large lithium claystone deposit in Clayton Valley, Nevada, adjacent to North America’s only lithium producer, a brine operation at Silver Peak, owned and operated by Albermarle Corp.  At present we have a large lithium resource at 1100 ppm Li content, at surface with essentially no strip ratio, of ~1.2 million tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent.  The current price for lithium carbonate (99.5% purity) is $7000/tonne, so it is clear to see this is a very valuable resource.  We aim to increase the grade and tonnage with another drill program and commence testing extraction techniques for a Preliminary Economic Assessment report in the coming 18 months.

How are you managing with the current COVID-19 pandemic on both business and personal front?
Our company headquarters in Vancouver is on a skeleton staff in the downtown office, and we are mostly working from home offices as we move the project forward.   The situation hasn’t affected our day to day operations very much as a lot of the work is arranging contracts over the phone or by email for field operations and for chemical engineering studies.

What’s the most exciting thing about running your business?
The global lithium supply and demand is an unbalanced market at the moment, and it is exciting to work within such a dynamic environment.  On the demand side, it is clear there will be a tenfold increase for lithium ion batteries for the electric vehicle (EV) market in the next twenty years as every major auto producer, led by Tesla, is ramping up EV production.  A third of all new vehicle purchases in the UK, for example are EV.  And lithium ion battery mega- and Gigafactories are operating at capacity and expanding.    But there are supply chain issues, and at times there isn’t transparency in supply-demand as China dominates EV and battery production at the moment.

On the supply side, in part because of lower lithium prices at the moment but also because of other factors, most all major expansion projects for lithium brines and pegmatites (hard rock lithium resources) are delayed.  Much of the global supply comes from Argentina and Chile, and there are strong government and social issues surrounding the use of precious groundwater there.  The two largest lithium pegmatite mines are either not producing (e.g., Whabouchi mine, Quebec – Nemaska) or have curtailed expansion (Greenbushes mine, Australia – Tianqui financial troubles). 

So given these supply and demand issues, we expect to see a rise in price for lithium soon, and we expect this will last for a long time as EV production continues to expand exponentially.

How do you measure success?
We want to follow through with defining a larger, higher grade resource with further drilling, and we aim to improve on the processing options that are currently being tested by other lithium claystone deposit owners in Nevada.  By doing these, we will increase shareholder value for Noram Ventures (TSX-V: NRM).

What do you think is the most important quality of being a CEO of a listed company?
Perseverance.  You have to believe in what you are doing, and stick to it in good times and in difficult times.

What is your favourite book?
Right now, I have Sapiens by Hariri, Forty Stories by Chekov and Uncle Dynamite by Wodehouse on my bedstand.

What message do you want to send to our readership in Asia?
Noram Ventures Inc. has a large, expanding and potentially mineable lithium deposit in Nevada, only a 4 hour drive away from Tesla’s Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada to the north.  We are undervalued in comparison to our peers.  We have the knowledge and capacity to develop this deposit into a major source of lithium carbonate for the lithium ion battery industry in North America.  The American government has declared lithium a strategic metal that should be given preferred treatment to encourage developing a vertically-integrated industry in the USA.  Nevada is often ranked as the global #1 jurisdiction for mine development.

At Noram, we are proud to be part of the Green Energy Revolution to lower carbon emissions by advancing this lithium deposit toward production, to produce a product that supplies the growing North American and global electric vehicle market.

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GTI Resources Moves Forward at its High Potential WA Gold Play



GTI Resources Moves Forward at its High Potential WA Gold Play

Gold has been the standout sector amid the coronavirus-led market volatility. The spot gold price breached the US$1800/oz level last week — a new 9-year high — investors continue to pile into ASX-listed gold juniors.

And while some impressive gains have already been made, it’s a sector that looks to have plenty left in the tank.

Both Goldman Sachs and VanEck expect gold to continue its rise and reach US$2,000/oz within the next 12 months, forecasting that investment demand will continue to grow — even as the global economy recovers.

Behind gold’s surge is the major central banks move to keep interest rates lower for longer in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, while an expected return of discretionary purchases of gold and gold jewellery is also having an impact, particularly as Asian consumers gain more confidence in the stability of their jobs

GTI Resources (ASX: GTR) is a first mover in the Utah uranium space on the ASX, but what many don’t know is that GTR also has a Western Australian gold project that is starting to look increasingly interesting to investors.

The increased attention on the company’s 100% owned Niagara Project near Kookynie in the Eastern Goldfields has been driven by the soaring gold price for one, while its WA neighbour, Metalicity Ltd (ASX: MCT), recently gained almost 250% after hitting “spectacular” high grade gold assays at its Kookynie project.

MCT, whose successful gold drilling was completed just 2-4km north of GTR’s project, has a market capitalisation of ~$35 million. It has a 50% interest in the Kookynie project, giving a read through value on the project of ~$70 million.

GTR, meanwhile, is currently capped at less than $14 million, and it is armed with both high potential uranium assets, and its 100% owned Niagara gold project in Kookynie, WA.

It appears the market has not fully priced in GTR’s WA gold project, but with an RC drilling program soon to commence, it is unlikely to remain that way for long.

Niagara Gold Project progressing nicely

While the focus has been largely fixed on GTR’s Jeffrey Uranium project, GTR has been quietly advancing its gold project in WA.

Just today, the company announced it had completed a detailed aeromagnetic survey at its Niagara Project.

The survey comprised of 2,053 line kilometres, covering 32 kilometres, at 20m line spacings over its one granted exploration licence (E40/342), and two of its four prospecting licence applications (P40/1506 and P40/1517) seen below:

Niagara Project – Licences and Mineral Occurrences, Metalicity Prospects on 1:500,000 Geology

The detailed fixed wing airborne survey aims to define and map potential north trending structures within the buried magnetic basement, that are associated with gold mineralisation in the Kookynie region.

Final magnetic data is expected to be available within the next two weeks and will help to refine a follow up field program.

Permitting for up to 5,000 metres of RC drilling has been approved and GTR is working towards an initial drilling campaign to be conducted during September 2020.

GTR has identified a number of significant gold in soil targets within the northern and central parts ofE40/342, including a strong 500m long, 100m wide anomaly up to a peak of 38 ppb Au, in the north‐eastern corner of the licence.

The anomaly lies on a similar orientation to other known gold mineralisation within the Niagara/ Kookynie district.

Recent highly successful exploration drilling conducted by MCT and Nex Metals Exploration Ltd (ASX: NME) at the JV’s Leipold and McTavish prospects at the Kookynie Gold Project demonstrates the potential of the region to be a prolific area.

This recent successful exploration drilling at the Kookynie Gold Project resulted in significant share price growth for MCT. The stock gained almost 250% across a few trading sessions after announcing “spectacular high grade results from first assays at Kookynie”.

MCT has since consolidated and currently has a $35 million market capitalisation – still more than double that of GTR. Yet MCT have just a 50% interest in the Kookynie Gold Project, while GTR has a 100% interest in its Niagara Project at Kookynie, WA.

Drilling program to come

While the company’s Niagara gold project in WA’s Eastern Goldfields hasn’t yet received nearly as much attention as its Jeffrey Uranium Project in Utah, it presents significant potential for GTR and its shareholders — particularly in the current gold price environment.

Given its work at the Niagara project, a steady stream of newsflow is expected over the coming weeks culminating in an RC drilling program.

Successful high grade gold intercepts hit could see GTR follow its neighbour’s success.

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Mines Unearthed Webinar, 28 July



StockPal is hosting its first Mines Unearthed webinar on 28 July for three ASX-listed mining and resources companies.

Each company is given 15 minutes to present via powerpoint, followed by 5 minutes Q&A from the attendees:

Below are the companies and personnel presenting for their companies respectively:

10:30 – 10:50am: RareX (ASX:REE) – Jeremy Robinson (Executive Director)
10:50 – 11.10am: Technology Metals Australia (ASX:TMT) – Ian Prentice (Managing Director)
11:10 – 11:30am: Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN) – Bahay Ozcakmak (Managing Director)

Register now as slots are limited:

Visit their respective website for more info:
Technology Metals Australia (ASX:TMT)
Parkway Minerals (ASX:PWN)

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Arrow Minerals (ASX:AMD) – Howard Golden



The CEO Mindset - Howard Golden is the Chief Executive Officer of Arrow Minerals (ASX:AMD)

Howard Golden is the Chief Executive Officer of Arrow Minerals (ASX:AMD), a Western Australian mineral exploration company, targeting gold, lithium and nickel. The company’s primary exploration projects are:
– Strickland Gold Project, 100km west of Menzies in the Eastern Goldfields;
– Malinda Lithium Project, 250km east of Carnarvon in the Gascoyne Region;
– Pilbara Gold Project, 50km south of Whim Creek in the Pilbara Region; and
– Fraser Range Nickel Project, 300km east of Kalgoorlie in the Fraser Range Province.

What’s your journey in becoming a Chief Executive Officer?
My journey has been a varied one. I hold degrees in Behavioural Sciences and geophysics. I believe that both have been extremely valuable in my career. That career has been varied, working in my early career with major mining house BHP and later other majors like Rio Tinto and Western Mining, as well as smaller organisations like Nordgold. I spent my early days in the field doing international exploration, taking on more and more managerial and corporate responsibilities, finally arriving at my current role running Arrow Minerals, an ASX listed mineral exploration company. The technical journey has been varied, comprising geoscientific aspects of exploration and mining for a multitude of commodities. And the physical journey has been a rich one, having been fortunate enough to have lived and worked on four continents including Côte d’Ivoire, Russia, Gabon, the US, the UK and currently Australia. The breadth and depth of the voyage has, I believe, enabled me to assemble the skills necessary to stay on top of the technical and financial aspects of the CEO role as well as the critical relationships with employees, shareholders, regulatory agencies and the communities in which we work. My current role involves responsibility for projects in West Africa and Western Australia, and the considerable time I have spent working across disparate cultures has prepared me well for the challenges I face today.

Tell us a bit about your business and how you are commercializing?
Arrow Minerals is an exploration company that is in the hunt for economic deposits of copper and gold in West Africa and Western Australia. We have gone to great lengths employing the best technical experts and knowledge to choose the best possible jurisdictions in which to explore to give us the greatest chance of success. We are funded by our shareholders in this phase, but we hope soon to be in a position where we have a mineral deposit that can be mined on a commercial level to provide tangible returns to our company stakeholders as well as the local government jurisdictions and communities.

How are you managing with the current COVID-19 pandemic on both business and personal front?
We are very fortunate to have our corporate office in Western Australia, where the management of the pandemic has been very effective and the rates of infection relatively low. Nonetheless, during the first three months of the COVID-19 crisis we worked from home here in Australia and suspended all field work that could have resulted in disease transmission. In Africa, our staff also worked from home and was able to avoid any cases of COVID-19. We also completed a nurses’ accommodation block for a new clinic near our project in Burkina Faso that will significantly improve local health outcomes. We are now cautiously resuming active work on our projects, taking great care to ensure the safety of our employees and those with whom they interact. 

What’s the most exciting thing about running your business?
More than in most businesses, running a mineral exploration company has the built-in excitement of part treasure hunt, part detective work. It is a scientific process that allows for great creativity and lateral thinking that, run properly, gets everyone at every level involved and on the edge of their seats as each phase of the exploration process delivers results.

How do you measure success?
In the end, an economic mineral deposit discovery is the holy grail in this business. But along the way there are many smaller successes including seeing communities involved and employed, assisting professionals to hone their craft and stay motivated, and of course we are always focussed on making sure our shareholders are rewarded.

What do you think is the most important quality of being a Chief Executive Officer of a listed company?
Running a company that is supported by shareholders requires constantly assessing the competing demands from all the stakeholders of the company. This involves, obviously, the shareholders who are the owners of the company, but also includes the regulators, communities, employees, the environment and civil society in general. Done well, there is no reason that a publicly listed company shouldn’t be able to reach an outcome that satisfies all of those parties.

What is your favourite book?
I recently read A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. It follows a man’s incarceration in a Moscow hotel not long after the Russian revolution. The language is exquisite, and it deftly touches on relevant themes such as loyalty, decency, the value of education, and the ability to see through narcissistic leaders and their sycophants. 

What message do you want to send to our readership in Asia?
We are honoured to have many Asian shareholders on our register, as well as many international investors from a wide array of regions. I think the message I would send is that in the minerals exploration space there is no substitute for focused quality work and the willingness to go wherever the science tells us to go to increase the probability of success. It’s impossible to generalise, of course, but I have found that many our Asian investors to have a great interest in learning about the technical aspects of our business and in making choices that can expose them to the very significant upside of a successful mineral exploration portfolio.

How can people connect with you?
Company Website:

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